Lucia & Payton - Best Friends | Laguna Hills - Dinosaur Park

I had so much fun just playing around with the camera and these two cuties! Lucia is my cousin's little girl, and Payton is Lucia's best friend. It's always more fun to take photos with your best friend! Funny thing about taking photos at a park though, is after about 15min of photo taking, the girls just want to go and play! I'd take a few photos and Lucia would ask, "Are done yet?" and "Can we go play now?" It took some creativity to keep them interested, but making funny faces at each other and twirling in pretty dresses are always a favorite :)

Overall it was a sweet mini shoot and I think you will agree that these two goofballs rocked it!

Eric & Lauren | Irvine Regional Park

This shoot with Lauren and Eric is proof that you never know when or where you're going to find new friends! I met up with these two adorable people in Irvine and had a blast taking turns shooting! (Lauren and Eric are also fellow photographers). Their fun, easy-going personalities made shooting easy-peesy! Since then we've been able to meet for coffee and chat about our passions and discuss ideas. Yet another example of why I love doing what I do so much! Photography is such a wonderful way of bringing people together :)

Ethan and Kate | Laguna Beach

My heart just soars when I encounter a couple so in love - it's why I do what I do! Kate and Ethan were no exception! These two love birds have been married almost two years and just by hanging out with them for an afternoon, I can tell they're soulmates! I barely began clicking the camera before Ethan had Kate in his arms cuddling and kissing her - needless to say they made my job very easy! I was also excited to get to shoot at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park - a new location for me but one that will definitely get added to my bag of locations because it was absolutely gorgeous!

Sandro & Irene | San Juan Capistrano, Ca

It's been a while since I've blogged, but this sweet session with Irene and her husband just begged me to! It's seriously one of the cutest, most loving sessions I've done to date.

I got to meet this adorable couple because I was in search of something different. I posted on social media asking for creative ideas to photograph. I friend of mine commented and suggested I photograph an elderly couple! She in fact, had her mother and her husband in mind. So I said, "Sure!"

And that, is how I met Irene and Sandro. I called Irene up on the phone to see if she'd be interested in a session. Her response was, "Sure! I think that would be fun!"

So I met up with them in San Juan Capistrano by the train station (one of my favorite little places to shoot) and fell in love with these two immediately. Irene spoke to Sandro in Spanish, so while I didn't understand fully what she said every time, there was no mistaking the loving, sometimes comical things she was commenting that would make him chuckle and laugh. Every time I asked for a certain pose, she would sweetly tell Sandro what to do...which usually ended up with him wanting to smooch her, even if that wasn't the instructed pose. But that, in turn, just made us all laugh even more and there is nothing better to capture in photos than laughter!

All together, my time spent with Irene and Sandro had me driving home with a warm feeling in my heart and a smile on my face. I sincerely hope that in 50 years, my husband and I can have and display the same deep and tender love to each other that this endearing couple possess. It is truly a light to all who see it.

Little Amber Smash Cake | Thomas F Riley Wilderness Park, Mission Viejo, Ca

I had so much fun meeting precious little Amber and her parents! It was a last minute session before I had to leave town, but I'm so glad I was able to squeeze it in! She was such a sweet little girl who behaved so well - riiiight up until we began smearing cake on her face ;p

She was so prim and proper she wasn't really into the whole, "smash the cake with your face", thing. She started out gingerly putting her finger in the cake and sloooowly tasting it. But that's about as far as it went...we tried getting her a little more excited about it, but it only resulted in the last photo!

The lighting was stunning and the location picked by Amber's mother, Cat, the Thomas F Riley Wilderness Park, was gorgeous! Cat put so much into the shoot with every special little detail, from the pink garland, to the pink and gold balloons, it was a pure delight to capture, and I sincerely hope I get to see little Amber grow over the years and be a part of documenting her and her families journey along the way!

Greg & Hanna | Engagement | San Juan Capistrano, Ca

Getting to meet Greg and Hanna was such a treat. It was one of those shoots that when we said our goodbyes at the end of the session, I walked away with a big grin on my face and the thought, "Man I love what I do!"

They were just two of the sweetest, most easy-going people I have ever met. The weather on the early May afternoon was perfect, the lighting was golden, and nothing stood in our way. We spent our time walking around San Juan, in front of the movie theater, at the train station, and behind the station where quaint little cafe's and gardens were tucked away. We grabbed sweet, romantic shots wherever we could. It was difficult to stop - we could have kept shooting going forever! (Or at least I could have :p). 

The colors in this session pop! I think it goes along with, and depicts perfectly, the love and warmth that these two have and show towards each other. I'm so happy for them and completely stoked that they get to be married!!

Spencer & Kylie Jones | Bishop, Ca

     When I showed up to meet Kylie and Spencer, I knew it was going to be a beautiful shoot, but to be honest, I had no idea just how insanely beautiful it would turn out. I met Kylie and Spencer about a year ago when they asked me to do a session of their new, sweet baby girl. This time, it was fun to do a session with Spencer and Kylie and get to know them more.

They've been married seven years, and have a son and daughter. Kylie shared with me how special these photos would be because they never got a chance to have real wedding photos done when they got married.

It was inspiring for me to see how in love these two still are - even after seven years of life and marriage. They were so easy-going and comfortable with each other, and I believe it show's very well with their interaction in the photos! I barely had to instruct them at all. I simply said "be lovey-dovey"...and they took it from there!

The Buttermilks have always been a favorite place of mine to shoot. It's wide open, with somewhat of a country, rustic feel. The rocks and boulders add interest and the wide open sky adds a stunning covering. We shot at my favorite time of day, the "golden hour", and it lived up to it's name! It was just enough warm, sunset light to add a bit of pop to every shot. All-together, it was by far, one of my most favorite sessions, simply because it all just came together. It's not always enough just to be a "good photographer"...a good photographer has to have certain things to make a good shoot...great lighting, right location, and easily photo-graphical just so happens, I was blessed with all three!