Sandro & Irene | San Juan Capistrano, Ca

It's been a while since I've blogged, but this sweet session with Irene and her husband just begged me to! It's seriously one of the cutest, most loving sessions I've done to date.

I got to meet this adorable couple because I was in search of something different. I posted on social media asking for creative ideas to photograph. I friend of mine commented and suggested I photograph an elderly couple! She in fact, had her mother and her husband in mind. So I said, "Sure!"

And that, is how I met Irene and Sandro. I called Irene up on the phone to see if she'd be interested in a session. Her response was, "Sure! I think that would be fun!"

So I met up with them in San Juan Capistrano by the train station (one of my favorite little places to shoot) and fell in love with these two immediately. Irene spoke to Sandro in Spanish, so while I didn't understand fully what she said every time, there was no mistaking the loving, sometimes comical things she was commenting that would make him chuckle and laugh. Every time I asked for a certain pose, she would sweetly tell Sandro what to do...which usually ended up with him wanting to smooch her, even if that wasn't the instructed pose. But that, in turn, just made us all laugh even more and there is nothing better to capture in photos than laughter!

All together, my time spent with Irene and Sandro had me driving home with a warm feeling in my heart and a smile on my face. I sincerely hope that in 50 years, my husband and I can have and display the same deep and tender love to each other that this endearing couple possess. It is truly a light to all who see it.