Audrey <3

I love kids. To me, they represent the most pure, untouched by the world, magical way that things should be. Their sense of awe and wonder about everything around them gets me every time. The smallest rock, the ickiest bug - gets them squealing and laughing in a way that is indescribable to me. 

This is what I wanted to portray when my sister-in-law and I took my little niece, Audrey out to the field by their house. I had purchased the little yellow vest, and my sister-in-law crocheted the adorable pom pom hat at my request as well. I wanted a mix-matched look because, again, kids are random. They're wild and crazy and they get things dirty. But they're fun, and that's what I wanted to show through her outfit as well.

So we took her out bright and early and I let her play. I didn't pose her. I didn't tell her what to do. I literally let her loose and ran after her with my camera. I wanted to document real life. This was real life. Every stick she picked up, every hand-full of dirt that she threw. I wanted to capture these moments of what being an almost 2yr old is really like. Because you don't ever get that time back.

I had a blast taking these photos, and I hope you enjoy viewing them! They describe exactly the type of photography I'm into. I love light. I love kids. I love capturing true moments and emotion. If you get to see that through my images, then I've accomplished my task!