Alain + Alyssa Lifstyle | Vista, Ca

Home-styled sessions are by far one of my all-time favorite types of sessions. The sweet, comfortable intimacy couples feel when in their own home can't really be captured any other way. Alain and Alyssa's fun in-home session in Vista, San Diego was no exception!

With tunes of Taylor Swift playing in the background, the air was filled with Alain and Alyssa's laughter as they cuddled and kissed. By the way these two smashed their session, you'd think they were actual models. But no, just two ordinary people genuinely in love with one another and who enjoy being in each other's presence.

I understand how awkward it can be starting out when in front of the camera. That's why, as a couple's photographer, it is my goal to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible so that their true personalities shine through in their photos. Part of the way I do that is to get them involved with each other! That way they're more focused on the person they love right in front of them, than me actually being there with my camera.

Alain and Alyssa are such beautiful people inside and out, and I truly loved getting to meet them and photograph them in their home - even when I asked them to lay on the floor and put their feet in the air! Doing silly things together is what makes for those most cherished moments, and I live for being able to create those for every one of my couples.