"...She is my family photographer FOREVER"

"I've known Sara for a few years now and in that time she has photographed my family three times. She's an amazing photographer, a natural eye without a doubt! Her images are full of love and joy....everything you want to be captured! And it's easy to see why she captures it so well, because in her heart she is a true loving and joyful person! I'm confident when I say, she is my family's photographer FOREVER!"

- Rhiannon B

"...She’s a wizard behind the camera...a true professional..."

"Sara is a remarkable photographer from start to finish. I don’t think I need to mention how stunning her shots and use of lighting are - as her work speaks for itself - but beyond having a great eye, she is also everything you want in a photographer. First and foremost, she is professional. She shows up early, has already scouted the venue for the money shots, and offers clear lines of communication as to what you are looking for and what ideas she has. She is also creative and spontaneous, thinking on her feet and always adapting to the situation on hand. She simultaneously captures candids while also utilizing the space and “props" around her to create masterpieces. So she’s a wizard behind the camera, she’s professional, and she’s a true artist - but what separates Sara entirely is her comfortable demeanor. Let’s face it - photo shoots are AWKWARD. We are every day people celebrating a life event - not supermodels - and yet, Sara has this magical way of making you relax, disappear into the moment, and eventually forget there is a camera there at all. Sara shot my wedding, she did a pregnancy shoot for us, and she will be the photographer we turn to time and time again. We love her work and would recommend her over and over and over again! She’s truly the best!"

- Jenna Triggs

"...We cannot thank Sara enough."

"Sara was amazing. She was so accommodating and easy to work with. She did our newborn shots and did an awesome job. She took her time and worked around the baby’s needs and schedule. We ended up with beautiful pictures that captured a wonderful moment in time that we can look at forever. We can not thank Sara enough."

- Lacy Elguea

"...She made us feel so comfortable..."

 "We were so impressed the first time we met Sara with how professional she is, but also super down to earth and sweet! She made us feel so comfortable while we were getting our pictures taken (even though we are a bit awkward sometimes). The way she captures moments, is incredible. She knows how to, not only take a beautiful picture, but also capture the beauty and emotions we felt during our session. We love looking back at our maternity pictures and remembering the precious experience of feeling our bundle of joy wiggling around. Sara is amazing!" 

- Lexi + Matt Harris